correct a 403 Forbidden Error? Opencart Image Manager Not working

  1. 1- Check the permissions of your files.  If a file or folder is "world" writable, for security reasons the 403 error will display to help protect your site from attacks.  The correct file permissions for files is 644 for php and html pages, 755 or 750 for folders, and 755 for CGI and Perl scripts.  Make sure no files are have permissions of "777."
  2. 2- If the permissions are correct, check your .htaccess file in your site's document root folder.  If you're working with your main domain, this should be the public_html folder. If you are working with an Addon domain, the folder will be inside public_html and will usually be named something similar to If you see Options All -Indexes as one of the lines in the .htaccess file, remove -Indexes and save the file.

Which folder hold the database on cpanel server?

Cpanel mysql is stored in


multiple domains, same hosting account

1. Register the additional domain with a domain registrar
2. Set the nameservers at your registrar for that domain to point to your hosting provider's nameservers.
3. Login to cPanel and click "Addon Domains"
4. For "New Domain Name:" enter the domain you wish to add to your account.
5. Feel welcome to accept the defaults, just set the password for the FTP account.
6. You can upload pages by EITHER using those FTP credentials, or the FTP credentials for your main cPanel account.

To host multiple websites on your hosting account you must:

  1. Add the domain name to your hosting account and select a folder for its website.
  2. Upload the domain name's website's files into the folder you select.
  3. Point the domain name's DNS to your hosting account.

How do I create the addon domain?

To create an addon domain, we can use cPanel’s Addon Domains feature, in the Domains section of the cPanel interface.

  1. Enter the addon domain’s domain name in the New Domain Name field. In this case, we will enter
  2. Ensure the FTP username is appropriate in the next field. In this scenario, we will leave it as its default value, cpdocs.
  3. Make sure that the document root is in the appropriate place. In this example, we will use the default value, ~/public_html/
  4. Enter and confirm the password you want to use with this domain in the appropriate fields. This password will be used for the domain’s MySQL and FTP accounts.
  5. Click the Add button.

iphone 5s error 12 fix

many reasons for that, 80% is hardware problem
but you can check this
1. update itunes software
 you can clean and make new install, you can use this software to 100% clean the PC

2. change battery
3. change pc
4. change or re-hot  U201_rf ic


The HTC Desire 320 need to be flash with SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1348.01_SEC and with the DA_SWSEC.bin as the DA Agent. Same for the 310.

Boot from USB Device on Elitepad 900 error system board 00a

Replaced Motherboard and got this message on Start up:
System Board (00A) - Product Number

Then gave an HP address to go to, yet have no other number following like the artical says....

How do I get rid of that error

HTC M7 FAILED (remote: 22 loading zip info fail) m7_ul error

Starting flash process...
sending 'zip'... (50226 KB) OKAY
writing 'zip'... (bootloader) adopting the signature contained in this image...
(bootloader) signature checking...
(bootloader) rom parsing start ...
(bootloader) rom parsing finish ...
(bootloader) zip header checking...
(bootloader) zip info parsing...
Execution time is 11092(ms)
FAIL22 loading zip info fail
FAILED (remote: 22 loading zip info fail)
Flash process completed.

- Download from here (OTA UPDATE).
- Download fastboot executable (XDA).
- Put all files in one directory.
- Enter commands.

fastboot oem rebootRUU
fastboot erase cache
fastboot flash zip  (rename your

If flash zip does hboot-pre update you have to run fastboot flash zip command again.

After this flash stock RUU again.